Slice Drive

Fundraising can be very time consuming to organise, but with Emma's Bakery it's simple and delicious. Our tasty, freshly made slices will encourage everyone to be in the giving mood.

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Pie Drive

Perhaps fresh tasty pies will better suit. Whatever your tastes, Emma's Bakery will help you reach your fundraising goals. Or ask Emma’s about creating a custom mix of products exactly the way you want it to suit your goals.

7 Steps to Fundraising with Emma’s Bakery

A local bakery making fundraising simple and delicious!

  • 1 Plan the date to receive your products and book it with Emma's.
  • 2 Set the deadline for people to return forms to you, allowing yourself enough time to collate orders and notify Emma's by Thursday of the week prior to your collection/delivery date.
  • 3 Put the dates on the master form we will send you, photocopy and distribute to your students/members etc.
  • 4 Collect forms and money and tally totals. We will give you a total sheet to fill in!
  • 5 Call Emma's with the final order by Thursday the week prior to your collection/delivery date.
  • 6 Pick up or have your order delivered and distribute to your customers.
  • 7 Plan how to spend your new funds.

It's That Easy!

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